Christmas has started…

21 12 2008

Christmas has definitely arrived. I’ve watched 3 movies in a row and they were all PG or below… Mince pies, coffee, and Christmas wrapping. Now starts the long trudge toward the Great Escape. Christmas isn’t Christmas without the Great Escape and Shultz the Cooler King.

I bought some cool presents this year, I just hope the recipients like them !


I’m so bad at this blogging lark..

18 12 2008

It’s like a nagging wife.. I know I should attend to to it, but other things keep coming up.

I actually think of a lot of things I could blog about, but finding the time is proving to be impossible to say the least.

I wrote my 15 xmas cards tonight and that in itself turned out to be a task and a half – mainly because my plethora of address keeping mechanisms continues to fail me.. much like it has since I moved to using a computer for storage of personal information.

I’m terrible at forgetting to migrate Person A’s information from old-whizzy address management solution to new-whizzy address management solution and even when I do I can’t remember whether that was their old address or new address so then I end up emailing/texting/ringing them for the address..

sigh 😦