Is my money not good enough ?

11 02 2009

I just tried to buy a train ticket for a journey that I know exists, I have done it every other week for 6 months..

I have a favourite journey in Virgin, when I selected that it says

Picture 60.jpg

Thats all it says. eh ??

OK, so I tried Network Rail, they had trains but when it came to booking I got this..

Picture 61.jpg


I resorted to the phone and got to an automated voice..

“I got your starting station as Fartington South departing on the 37th of February at 03:17 is that correct ?”

Noooooooooooooo it’s fcuking not..

I give up, I really do..

If I had more time I would rant on and on about how I would love to love the train, but they keep, like an errant lover, throwing it back in my face..

Needless to say within 3 minutes of perusing I had an email in my inbox telling my paperless (yes, paperless Mr Train) ticket was all booked and would I like to check in online. All for a little less than the thieving tossers at Rail-Fcuk-Central would have asked for..