Who gives a $4!t ?

17 12 2009

Honestly, I mean, who really cares whether they said the ‘F’ word on Radio ??


I couldn’t care less, I really couldn’t.. Those words and words like it, are part of the robust and vibrant english language. Sometimes there is no other word appropriate for the sentiment you wish to convey. Given the subject matter and the underlying anger behind the song and the time & place it was written, I cannot see how any other word could take it’s place.

I haven’t bought this song, because I already own it, but I agree with the sentiment of the campaign to get it to No.1 for Christmas. Not because I particularly think this song should be No.1 but because I too am sick of the puerile stream of mire that spews from the progeny of Simon Cowell and his pointless money making machine that is X-Factor. A creation which was created only to serve one purpose, and that is to make money for Mr Cowell. I wish him luck in that venture, but I wish I did not have to suffer so in the process of his wealth creation.