Give me your money !

14 09 2009

On 18th September I am taking part in one of those ‘old-stupid-people-doing-things-they-should-know-better-than-to-do’ type event for the purposes of

  • having fun
  • raising money

I’m part of a team that will compete for a day in the wilds of Scotland to raise money for charidee and have some fun.

The challenge involves cycling, running, orienteering and river rafting in Scotland against other corporate teams.

My team is called Kid Creola and the CocoKnuts and we would be very grateful for your help. So, in the time honoured tradition I am asking for money, doesn’t matter how much anything will do.

As an added incentive, if you sponsor my team and you email me to let me know you’ve done it with the donating name, amount, date and time (use the email address on the bottom right) then, IF our team wins the first prize (which is a skiing holiday) I will donate my personal place to the person who has donated the most to our team.

So, if you would be willing to sponsor us to help with our fund raising in aid of the Prince’s Trust, we have a Just Giving Website which you can click on to donate.

Please don’t feel obliged in any way and any amount no matter how small helps, you can also remain anonymous.


I am officially old..

7 09 2009

Well, I made it (just). I celebrated 40 years on this earth on Saturday just gone.. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of people I like, some I love and one I created.. oh and Howard Graham !

Rather than go-on about it I’ll let you make your mind up for yourselves as to whether it was a good night. I enjoyed it, and I guess, as the birthday boy, thats all that should matter.. but it’s always nice to see other people enjoying themselves (or at least giving that impression).

..and for those people who are wondering, hog roasts are definitely to be recommended. Loads and loads of fresh roasted pig, with coleslaw, stuffing, apple sauce and salad mmmm