17 11 2007

iphone, iphone I want an iphone..

I know they are sadly lacking in many ways but I really want one, if only for the ooh-aah factor..

but I refuse to pay the UK �900 bill over 18 months..

so, do I import one from the US and then crack it or…

decisions decisions

women are mad..

17 11 2007

so, the beloved went dancing tonight..

came home, moaned about her job and then lay on the bed in my office..

after an hour (during which I thought she was asleep) she sat up and said.. “well that wasn’t how I was planning on spending my evening”

am I a bloody mind reader ???

I’m too depressed to bother writing any more about this, suffice to say that if I live to be 100 I will never understand women.. no wonder men go mad, or choose to live alone.