Exactement !

14 04 2009

I love this clip, but I wish they’d turned the camera to point at the journo’s when he said that..

Sherriff Gets a Slap

5 04 2009

Six Nations..

6 02 2009

Anticipation. It is a word that I never truly grasped the full meaning of until Tim Curry’s rendition of “Sweet Transvestite” in Rocky Horror Picture Show. In that single word Mr Curry poured all resonance of meaning; the delicious hint of expectation, on the tip of your tongue, your breath stilling until your heart beats behind silent lungs, the sole nervous butterfly in your stomach slowly stirring to life the swarm around it as your insides become slave to the external tyranny of time.

I have been too long without an English victory.

The everyday drudgery of life however now seems positively blissful compared to the torturous wait for the referees whistle to start England vs Italy and the start of 6N 2009.

But wait I shall, and while I wait I will wallow in the sweet embrace of antici…pation followed by a joyous victory over Wales on Valentines day, how ironic..