cave diving..

3 01 2008

well I’ve gone and pulled the trigger now..

just booked to do a full cave course with martyn farr in may/june this year..

I’ve cave dived before in Florida but it is a wholly different thing doing it in Wales. I’ve completed two previous courses with Martyn but these were pretty simple, the complete cave course provides one with the skills to forge ahead and start really learning about the water courses that are underground.

I’m not planning to become a fully fledged adventurer but the things that Martyn teaches will be useful in other areas of diving. The understanding of overhead environments and what that means to your preparation in terms of safety and redundancy will be just as valuable for whether cave diving or wreck diving.

The next thing is to get some side-slung tanks to go with the harness I obtained from Martyn… then go out and practice diving it in Open Water… I guess I’ll get some weird looks from people at capernwray and stoney cove..

hey ho 😉

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nice teeth…

3 01 2008

not sure why they’re smiling like this but they are.. I assume it’s alcohol related