The improbable rant of someone approaching 40..

29 10 2008

I think I’m turning into a Daily Mail reader.

I have found myself in the last few days becoming more and more annoyed with the stupidest things. It’s almost like my old tolerant self has gone on holiday and a new ‘annoyed of derbyshire’ has moved in.

I really wish I had some sort of auto-blogging-brain-connection thing, although if you’re reading this you’re probably glad I don’t, so that I could blog about the things that have really annoyed me as and when they do. As it stands I have to wait till I find the time to do it..

I have about 12 posts in draft that I have started and been diverted onto doing something else before finishing them.. Titles like ‘Why would I pay £25 for that ?’ and ‘Do you know who I am ?’ are still sitting unfinished. Let alone the series I started about my diving exploits.. I still aim to finish those along with the unedited video from my recent Scapa Flow trip.

So, right now I’m sitting on the train wondering why on earth I bother. I mean I have proven to myself yet again that I am probably either very very stupid, forgetful or optimistic. I’m not sure whether it’s one trait or maybe a blend of them all. Read the rest of this entry »