Fontaine du Truffe

10 07 2009

I took a deep breath and ducked my head under the water, the visibility was terrible, I couldn’t see my hands, nothing but a milky vista filled my vision. I ran my hands down the root of a tree and let the air out of my dry-suit. My video camera was running and I was conscious not to let it bang against the stone.. (after all I was using my “cheap” lens) as I descended downwards towards a place I had been told was there and that the visibility would improve.

Just as I was beginning to consider I had descended in the wrong place or had perhaps moved away from a vertical descent the water began to clear and a semi-circular dark opening loomed up at me. I flicked on my hand-mounted halogen light, checked my helmet-mounted Q40 and kicked my way gently into the little opening. The beginning of my first ever cave dive in France and the end of a long journey.
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Day One : Gozo 2008

17 09 2008

Funny what you forget..

I’ve been to Malta and Gozo now about 6 times in my life, mostly to go diving. I’m still surprised about the things I remember and even more surprised about the things I forget..

Like remembering how to get to certain places (aka man-nav) and what restaurants and bars are good.. Like forgetting the smells, the lilting maltese accents when speaking English, the curious use of horses in 200x, their unfaltering generosity and welcoming nature.. but worst of all I forgot that I really don’t like the process of getting to the dive sites..
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