I’m so bad at this blogging lark..

18 12 2008

It’s like a nagging wife.. I know I should attend to to it, but other things keep coming up.

I actually think of a lot of things I could blog about, but finding the time is proving to be impossible to say the least.

I wrote my 15 xmas cards tonight and that in itself turned out to be a task and a half – mainly because my plethora of address keeping mechanisms continues to fail me.. much like it has since I moved to using a computer for storage of personal information.

I’m terrible at forgetting to migrate Person A’s information from old-whizzy address management solution to new-whizzy address management solution and even when I do I can’t remember whether that was their old address or new address so then I end up emailing/texting/ringing them for the address..

sigh 😦