Chef dies after eating ‘super hot’ chilli

30 09 2008

I can honestly say, I sympathise with this story..

I once ate a whole habanero chilli in a curry-house oop North and suffered long for my bravado. Read the rest of this entry »

Gay sheep romp turns Tyneside blue

25 09 2008

Interestingly, there are no welsh jokes in this little item..

Gay sheep romp turns Tyneside blue • The Register

Day Three : Gozo 2008

23 09 2008

Day 3 – Double Arch, Mgarr Ix Xini, Xweini Bay

Today was always going to be a long day.

From the moment we agreed yesterday to do a night dive, I knew it would be a long and tiring day. I like night diving, but somehow, the idea always seems more appealing when you’re sitting having a beer the night before and not when kitting up in the dusk whilst everyone else is having a beer..
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Ryder Cup

19 09 2008

Golf is not my sport by a long way, but there is definitely something special about the Ryder Cup..

Pity that Sky have it so I can’t watch it using BBC iPlayer whilst at work..

Five Live is great, but it’s not really the same as sitting back watching live on a 40″ with a glass of wine…

BBC SPORT | Golf | Live text – Ryder Cup

Oz pub slammed over ‘No Undie Sundie’ • The Register

18 09 2008

This tickled my fancy..

I really think people should think of better things to worry about than whether a woman chooses to go into a bar and remove her knickers for $50 worth of beer..

Surely, market forces would decide whether this was a good advertising ploy or not..

If I was a woman I’d walk in with two pairs on, remove one and claim my free-beer voucher..

..but then I’m a freetard !

Oz pub slammed over ‘No Undie Sundie’ • The Register: “”

Day Two : Gozo 2008

18 09 2008

Another day, another dive..

Fully sustained with Fruit n Fibre, we’re off early to a dive I’ve never done before. Bilingshurst Cave, reportedly named after the BSAC club who ‘discovered’ it.

Since completing my full cave cert, it’s something I’ve become more and more interested in, so for me, this is going to be THE dive of the trip. The night before I’m tingling with anticipation pestering all those who’ve done it before with questions about depth, length, topology, squeezes, fixed lines, airbells etc but nothing is ever as good as the real thing.
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Day One : Gozo 2008

17 09 2008

Funny what you forget..

I’ve been to Malta and Gozo now about 6 times in my life, mostly to go diving. I’m still surprised about the things I remember and even more surprised about the things I forget..

Like remembering how to get to certain places (aka man-nav) and what restaurants and bars are good.. Like forgetting the smells, the lilting maltese accents when speaking English, the curious use of horses in 200x, their unfaltering generosity and welcoming nature.. but worst of all I forgot that I really don’t like the process of getting to the dive sites..
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