May the fleas of a thousand camels..

10 01 2012

I rarely, say anything on here about IT related stuff, but sometimes I feel compelled to..

I have never in all my years experienced such shoddy product and subsequent support as I have received from Livedrive since April 2011.

I honestly cannot understand why more people have not complained about them in the past, maybe they do and then get a takedown letter – let’s wait and see.

My experience with Livedrive has been awful..

I posted a comment on the forums yesterday about how unhappy I was with the Livedrive service, but as usual, negative feedback does not get posted by the moderators.. Hmm anyone thinking George Orwell here ?

I genuinely feel like I have been ripped off.

I have never in 20 years of working in the IT been so disappointed and frustrated with a product/service as I am with Livedrive. I honestly don’t know how the people working in the company can go to work everyday and not be ashamed of the shoddy job they are doing..

I have tried to be helpful and supportive, as per the following post I wrote on their forums..

“How remarkably surprising that, as yet, this thread has no response from a Livedrive representative.. !

I understand you get bugs, I have worked in exactly the same position as you guys for many years at Oracle, facing irate and ticked off customer who had questions to which my only answer was “I don’t know” or “try upgrading”..

At least have the fortitude to come on the forums and provide an honest response. An honest “we don’t know, but we’re looking at it” is unpalatable yet lets your customers know you are paying attention and that you are at least attempting to solve their problems.

Hiding behind a veil of silence is helping no-one.

For every person who is shouting loudly, there are ten people walking away – but the shouting ones are usually the ones, who, having been shown an opportunity to work with you will turn out to be the most helpful and provide foresight and user perspective into bug fixing and regression testing.

Come on guys, let’s get professional and make this service fulfill it’s promise !”

I am angry and frustrated that I paid for a service which I never managed to fully utilise – maybe my expectations were too high ?

Suffice to say that I will never recommend Livedrive to anyone and I will go out of my way to ensure that anyone who asks me understands my sorry experience..


Who says Americans don’t do irony ?

1 04 2011

Normally the Onion annoys me, but this was quite funny..

What is a browser ?

18 08 2009

I guess sometimes it’s good to remember that most people in the world don’t know (and don’t care) about the semantic differences in many areas of technology. Not knowing the difference between a browser and a search engine is (I guess) a little too subtle for most. I’d also imagine that if carried out in the UK the survey results would be very similar. Although the responses would be something along the lines of “Brawser ? s’google, innit mate ? av it large ‘n all dat”

Those of you who ring me for support..

12 01 2009

..take note !