Noxon Park Iron Mine

16 04 2009

I’ve been in here.. It’s actually a much more interesting place to dive than the Silica mines, but, it’s harder to get to. There is a little hike from the car park, but then there is a long trek inside the mine to the waters edge.. This footage is shot in the passages over to the right, where it is possible to dive a loop. Max depth on that dive is approx 22-25m




One response

30 11 2013

I have dived in Noxon about 4/5 times. The last time I dived I went down the main drop off where the milk bottle with Gavin Newman’s name is written on. Very quickly down to -40 metres. It is a great place to dive. It is more interesting and deeper if the diver avoids the right side of the mine. Far better to get in and go straight on where the line is belayed to a column the line is suspended a fair distance off the bottom. Then the milk bottle and then over the major drop off!!!

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