Noxon Park Iron Mine

16 04 2009

I’ve been in here.. It’s actually a much more interesting place to dive than the Silica mines, but, it’s harder to get to. There is a little hike from the car park, but then there is a long trek inside the mine to the waters edge.. This footage is shot in the passages over to the right, where it is possible to dive a loop. Max depth on that dive is approx 22-25m


I wish this was me..

10 03 2009

Having spent another week snowboarding and deluding myself that I was..

  • going fast
  • looking good
  • admired

I found some videos on YT that show how it’s done. Perhaps one week of boarding a year is not enough to get this good ?

or this ?

If your names not John you’re not getting in…

19 02 2009

Yes !

I’ve been invited on a cave diving trip in June to the Dordogne..

Frankly, this could be the pinnacle of my diving career so far..

I have been interested in this stuff for ages, but haven’t found the time or opportunity to do much of it, certainly not in the UK. It’s not something to be undertaken lightly..

If you know anything about French cave diving then you’ll get a warm glow at the list we’re going to attempt to do..

“I would envisage diving at the Ressel, Trou Madame, St George, the Truffe and perhaps the Cregols”

So says the tour leader.. I’ve never been but they are pretty famous if you read up on the web.

Will blog more about it later, just needed to say something.. couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it !

Is my money not good enough ?

11 02 2009

I just tried to buy a train ticket for a journey that I know exists, I have done it every other week for 6 months..

I have a favourite journey in Virgin, when I selected that it says

Picture 60.jpg

Thats all it says. eh ??

OK, so I tried Network Rail, they had trains but when it came to booking I got this..

Picture 61.jpg


I resorted to the phone and got to an automated voice..

“I got your starting station as Fartington South departing on the 37th of February at 03:17 is that correct ?”

Noooooooooooooo it’s fcuking not..

I give up, I really do..

If I had more time I would rant on and on about how I would love to love the train, but they keep, like an errant lover, throwing it back in my face..

Needless to say within 3 minutes of perusing I had an email in my inbox telling my paperless (yes, paperless Mr Train) ticket was all booked and would I like to check in online. All for a little less than the thieving tossers at Rail-Fcuk-Central would have asked for..