Mexican Drug Lord gets Busted, Check Out Pics

27 08 2009

Mexican Drug Lord gets Busted, Check Out Pics

Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009

What happens when a rich Mexican drug lord gets busted? Well, check out the below pics for yourselves. Everything we’d expect, right? Gold pistols, machine guns, mansions and even wild animals.














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BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft in web photo racism row

26 08 2009

The US original (top) and the altered Polish version (bottom)

Enlarge Image

Software giant Microsoft has apologised for editing a photo to change a black man’s head to that of a white man.

The picture, showing employees sitting around a desk, appeared unaltered on the firm’s US website.

But on the website of its Polish business unit the black man’s head was replaced with a white face, although the colour of his hands were unchanged.

Microsoft said it had pulled the image and would be investigating who made the changes. It apologised for the gaffe.

The altered image, which also featured an Asian man and a white woman, was quickly circulated online.

Bloggers have had a field day with the story, with some suggesting Microsoft was attempting to please all markets by having a man with both a white face and a black hand.

“The white head and black hand actually symbolise interracial harmony. It is supposed to show that a person can be white and black, old and young at the same time,” said one blogger on the Photoshop Disasters blog.

Others have suggested that the ethnic mix of the Polish population may have played a part in the decision to change the photo.

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Typical marketing bullshit..

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Beijing loves IKEA — but not for shopping –

25 08 2009

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BBC NEWS | Business | US smoker’s daughter gets $13.8m

25 08 2009
Cigarette stub

The case has been in the courts for eight years

A US jury has ordered tobacco giant Philip Morris to pay $13.8m (£8.4m) to the daughter of a lifelong smoker who died of lung disease.

The jury in Los Angeles decided in favour of Jodie Bullock, whose mother Betty died of lung cancer in 2003 aged 64. She had smoked for 47 years.

Philip Morris said she could have given up smoking at any time as the harmful effects of cigarettes were known.

Philip Morris is a part of Virginia-based tobacco-products group Altria.

Betty Bullock had sued Philip Morris in April 2001 on the grounds of fraud and product liability.

In 2002, a jury recommended that Philip Morris should pay $28bn in punitive damages to Mrs Bullock, but a judge later reduced the award to $28m.

In 2008, the US Court of Appeal overturned the jury’s decision and sent the case for a new trial, with Philip Morris arguing that the $28m was excessive.

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Duh ! – does that mean we can all sue tobacco makers ?

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Why I learnt to Cave Dive..

20 08 2009

The formations on this video are mind blowing, I hope to go here some day. For those of you who know me and ask why you would go cave diving, check out this video and all should become clear.. Apologies for the shite music (you know where the volume button is)