This isn’t the pasta we’re searching for..

6 01 2012

This is a great film about some serious cave diving in Italy.

Since this film has been made, Rik, John and Jason have been involved in even more extensive pushes in the Ressel and in Pozo Azul in Spain

This film was shot by Marcus Taylor


Why aren’t PADI training videos like this ?

6 04 2011

What’s cave diving really like ?

26 04 2010

This video gives a pretty good idea.. at least from a UK perspective.

This short video gives some insight into the conditions and rigors facing cave divers John Taylor and Simon Cornhill in their exploration of Bagshawe Resurgence Cave. The limit of exploration is approximately 60m from base which doesn’t sound that far but the underwater passage is tight, awkward and unrelenting, and it takes the divers almost 15 minutes to reach the end. Towards the end of the video there’s a tantalising glimpse of an air surface just beyond an impassable restriction. Simon and John are currently digging and chiselling their way through to this.

See Caving News for more about this project.

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Dinas Silica Mine

16 04 2009

If you read my trip report about extended range cave diving with Martyn Farr then this video will interest you. It’s taken inside the same mine where I did my extended range course..

Noxon Park Iron Mine

16 04 2009

I’ve been in here.. It’s actually a much more interesting place to dive than the Silica mines, but, it’s harder to get to. There is a little hike from the car park, but then there is a long trek inside the mine to the waters edge.. This footage is shot in the passages over to the right, where it is possible to dive a loop. Max depth on that dive is approx 22-25m