Thieving Octopus

26 04 2010

One of the best aquatic-human interactions I’ve ever seen..

Reminds you how intelligent Octopus are..

All Your Base..

1 02 2010

First day back from my annual holiday snowboarding and I’m back into the thick of IT drudgery..

I happened to need to check something out on the Sun website..

Notice anything funny about that ?

Hmm, seems it redirected to – scary how quick that happened.

Reminds me of this..

Don’t understand ? read this

The Godfather of Both Kinds of Music

14 01 2010

I heard this song on Radio 2 tonight and it made me chuckle.. I’d never heard of him before, but apparently (according to the good old WWW) he is a legend.. who am I to argue ?

Who gives a $4!t ?

17 12 2009

Honestly, I mean, who really cares whether they said the ‘F’ word on Radio ??

I couldn’t care less, I really couldn’t.. Those words and words like it, are part of the robust and vibrant english language. Sometimes there is no other word appropriate for the sentiment you wish to convey. Given the subject matter and the underlying anger behind the song and the time & place it was written, I cannot see how any other word could take it’s place.

I haven’t bought this song, because I already own it, but I agree with the sentiment of the campaign to get it to No.1 for Christmas. Not because I particularly think this song should be No.1 but because I too am sick of the puerile stream of mire that spews from the progeny of Simon Cowell and his pointless money making machine that is X-Factor. A creation which was created only to serve one purpose, and that is to make money for Mr Cowell. I wish him luck in that venture, but I wish I did not have to suffer so in the process of his wealth creation.

Now thats impressive !

24 11 2009

iPhone is back

19 11 2009

Praise be and all that..

I finally plucked up the courage to upgrade my iPhone to v3 and immediately regretted it.. The upgrade worked but the subsequent jailbreak and crack did not.

It took me until the other night to solve the problem.. I was surprised how much I missed the damn thing.

The problem related to the latest release of ultrasn0w and not (as I’d assumed) my erroneous use of the Cydia utilities

Anyway, normal service is resumed now and hopefully I won’t have to upgrade again before a vodafone iPhone is available..

Give me your money !

14 09 2009

On 18th September I am taking part in one of those ‘old-stupid-people-doing-things-they-should-know-better-than-to-do’ type event for the purposes of

  • having fun
  • raising money

I’m part of a team that will compete for a day in the wilds of Scotland to raise money for charidee and have some fun.

The challenge involves cycling, running, orienteering and river rafting in Scotland against other corporate teams.

My team is called Kid Creola and the CocoKnuts and we would be very grateful for your help. So, in the time honoured tradition I am asking for money, doesn’t matter how much anything will do.

As an added incentive, if you sponsor my team and you email me to let me know you’ve done it with the donating name, amount, date and time (use the email address on the bottom right) then, IF our team wins the first prize (which is a skiing holiday) I will donate my personal place to the person who has donated the most to our team.

So, if you would be willing to sponsor us to help with our fund raising in aid of the Prince’s Trust, we have a Just Giving Website which you can click on to donate.

Please don’t feel obliged in any way and any amount no matter how small helps, you can also remain anonymous.