If your names not John you’re not getting in…

19 02 2009

Yes !

I’ve been invited on a cave diving trip in June to the Dordogne..

Frankly, this could be the pinnacle of my diving career so far..

I have been interested in this stuff for ages, but haven’t found the time or opportunity to do much of it, certainly not in the UK. It’s not something to be undertaken lightly..

If you know anything about French cave diving then you’ll get a warm glow at the list we’re going to attempt to do..

“I would envisage diving at the Ressel, Trou Madame, St George, the Truffe and perhaps the Cregols”

So says the tour leader.. I’ve never been but they are pretty famous if you read up on the web.

Will blog more about it later, just needed to say something.. couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it !

What is the point of this video ?

19 02 2009

As an object exercise in dicking about with video morphing it’s amusing.. But 2 minutes of the same thing ? Maybe that’s the joke.. and it’s had 18m views ? WTF..