Going diving again..

8 09 2008

It comes round so fast… one minute it’s the beginning of the year and the next you’re hurtling toward christmas.

When we agreed to go to Gozo, it was January and September seemed so far off, now it’s here and I have to say I’m glad to be going again.

I have been to Malta/Gozo 6 times in the past and it hasn’t yet lost it’s appeal. I like to describe it as the ‘sausage and chips’ of my diving experience (at least abroad anyway).. The islands don’t have spectacular wildlife (e.g. galapagos, sipadan etc) and they don’t have mega-wrecks (chukk, scapa etc) but what they do have is easily accessible from the road and doesn’t require daily boat trips. The sea temperature at this time of year is 22-25c so no dry suit is needed.

They do have some pretty cool sea-cave structures (bilingshurst, coral, blue hole, comino) to name a few.. and the water clarity is a good 20-25m viz so vista-photos are achievable… which brings me to the thinking behind this post..

I bought a new toy recently – Canon Ixus is90, WPDC24 housing and an Inon Fisheye lens which should allow me to get shots like this.. Unfortunately I doubt I’ll be seeing the Rozi on this trip as we’re basing ourself in Marsalforn, Gozo.. The Rozi is a great little wreck sitting in 30m and is easily accessible by all but the newest of divers..

We, will however, manage to get into Billingshurst Cave which will be a first for me, so watch out for some footage like this..

..also it’s an opportunity for me to try my ‘new‘ regs.. I use inverted commas because I bought them in various ebay auctions and cobbled together a final set-up because they’re discontinued.. Mad you say ? Perhaps, but I really like them and the way they breathe is very similar to my cyklons.. I was given a (brand-new) Triton Octopus as part of an ebay auction and this got me to investigating the availability of an entire Triton set-up. Alas, they’re no more, but I did manage to get hold of an original (new) Triton second-stage. So, having had a chat with a Poseidon servicing chum of mine I decided to mate them to an old cyklon 1st stage and get the whole lot tested.. They passed with flying colours ! Since then I’ve dived them in Capernwray when teaching and they were great.. So, the plan is to take them to Gozo with me and see how they perform in the sea.. I’m taking some cyklons too, in-case there are any problems..

Hopefully, get some great photo’s and things to blog about



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